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Our objective is to launch and execute projects that educate and raise awareness among future generations.
Through these initiatives, we aim to help individuals discover their maximum potential by cultivating healthy habits that benefit themselves, the environment, and society.

Here you will find all past projects implemented by Utalaya Foundation.


Elevating the prominence of mountain sports in Kosovo holds paramount significance, leveraging our dual assets: the majestic mountains and a predominantly youthful population. We strive to ensure that every individual, particularly marginalized groups, is afforded the opportunity to engage in nature-based activities such as hiking, running, camping, exploring biodiversity, and embracing our national parks.


In Utalaya, the mountains become your classrooms, and nature’s boundless trails serve as your books. Our mentors aren’t just educators; they’re the most accomplished and seasoned guides, climbers, instructors, and ecologists in Kosovo, offering a unique and enriching learning experience.


Our organization conducts all activities with a profound respect for nature, ensuring responsible use of its resources. The majority of our projects actively contribute to the preservation of nature, whether through mountain clean-ups, tree planting initiatives, installing trash cans, providing shelters for wildlife and empowering youth to protect nature and its resources.


One of our missions is to unify groups of individuals from all communities in Kosovo to advance inter-ethnic dialogue and advocate for equal rights and women’s empowerment. Nobody feels left out in our projects.


Our endeavours extend a warm invitation to a rich tapestry of participants—from varied communities including marginalised groups to the vibrant souls in rural enclaves and the spirited youth, representing a kaleidoscope of ethnicities, religions, and orientations.

We are grateful to have an organization like UTALAYA FOUNDATION that always promotes the welfare of children by raising their confidence and engaging them in actions that contribute to a better future.

Leonora ShoshiDirector at SHFMU Tetë Marsi, Pejë

Words are gone with the wind, what remains in childhood memories is the way we make them feel. The "Urra" project was a beacon hope and inspiration for children during the pandemic. An evaluated child today, is tomorrows adult with self-esteem.

Yllka Komoni Nuqi Psychologyst and Parent

Our cooperation with the Foundation gave our students the opportunity to be part of a training, to learn how a running race is organized, to participate in several competitions and above all to visit many places in Kosovo, to socialize with their peers from several centers in Kosovo and get closer to Uta, the inspiration of all generations. Now the students are ready and have enough knowledge to organize a race!

Arbënor PozheguDirector at SHFMU Mazllum Këpuska, Gjakovë