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High Scardus Ultra ( is a remarkable trail running event that is both international and environmentally conscious. It follows the trail to Tito Peak, the highest point in the Sharr Mountains, and it proudly holds the distinction of being the first race in the Balkans to traverse two countries – Kosovo and North Macedonia. Utalaya Foundation and Trex organize this race.

High Scardus Trail has been awarded the “Best Europe Tourism Project” by the British Guild of Travel Writers. High Scardus Trail is a long-distance hiking and mountain biking trail that connects Albania, Kosovo, and North Macedonia along their shared border.

The event gathers runners and mountaineers from the region and EU countries to promote healthy, sustainable living, and environmental protection and showcase the region as an attractive tourist destination. The first edition was held in 2-4 September 2022 and welcomed 150 participants from 13 countries. The second edition was held in 2-4 September 2023 with 140 racers from 12 countries.

Organized according to the International Trail Running Association (ITRA), the event ensures a safe and well-managed experience for all participants.

What really makes High Scardus very successful is the support of our loyal sponsors: PPSE Swiss Contact,Red bull, Black Yack, rugove, 2uhealthy snack, dolofix, vipa, vm3, bettertravelco, jonamed and our partners: Sharr Outdoors, SHB Sharri, Mbrotja e Natyres se Kosoves, Parku Kombetar Mali Sharr,Sherbimi i Kerkim Shpetimit Malor KS, Lumbardhi.

With its growing international appeal,  High Scardus Ultra has signed agreements with hotels and guesthouses to offer the most affordable accommodations for participants. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary race and immerse yourself in the Sharr Mountains’ natural beauty and cultural richness.

This sky-running event features 3 races:


Bear Trail is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a fun and challenging outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels.


A medium-level Ultra-Trail race for fit and mentally tough runners new to the scene.


Experienced ultra-trail runners with exceptional physical and mental conditioning are best suited for this race.

Watch out for the excitement of High Scardus 2024! When embarking on a training trip, imagine the triumphant moment of claiming your well-earned rewards while immersing yourself in the breathtaking scenery and boundless warmth of Balkan hospitality. Get ready for both the challenge and the charm!