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The idea to create this impressive project arose from the realization that sports and cultural activities could be an effective tool to promote cooperation, tolerance, and unity between the Kosovar youth and various communities. The team saw an opportunity to channel the energy of more than 40 young people from different schools in Mitrovica, Gjakova, Obiliq, and Kamenica to organize a running competition. To understand the potential of such events to break down prejudices and build bonds between ethnic groups, the team organized educational sessions for children that would serve as classes where they learn thoroughly how to organize a race event. These sessions equipped them with the skills to proficiently organize events, handle database preparation, and effectively manage and a running race.


What made this initiative truly special was the team’s decision to empower children to give them a voice and the confidence to act like professionals. The enthusiasm of the young participants was palpable as they embraced the opportunity to learn, interact, and express themselves in a meaningful way. The impact of the project extended beyond the competitions, building the children’s confidence and giving them valuable skills. Not only did they learn how to organize events, but they also gained a deeper understanding of cooperation, tolerance, and positive stories. This unique approach of engaging youth in cross-community competitions has proven to be a catalyst for peace-building and promoting healthy lifestyles. The success of the project was reflected in its ability to help children develop confidence, learn new skills, and foster connections that cross cultural boundaries


Participating schools were: “Andon Zako Cajupi” (Mitrovica), “Mazllum Këpuska” (Gjakovë), “Pandeli Sotiri” (Obiliq), and “Dëshmorët e Kombit” (Kamenica).

Number of participants in project activities: Over 350 from all municipalities and communities.

This project also aimed to address hate speech by engaging youth in cross-community competitions across Kosovo to promote peace, positive narratives, and a healthy lifestyle.


Culture is one of the essential components of a child’s identity development as it fills them with joy and a sense of belonging. Teaching children how to respect cultural diversity by showing them how to recognize the universal characteristics we all share, helps them to build a strong character.

Based on that, we have put together some of our favorite activities for children from all communities, thus positively impacting their diversity and inclusion. Our activities are done in nature, through the form of entertainment.

The project is funded by UNDP Kosovo and UNFPA Kosovo, and is part of the United Nations regional initiative “Youth 4 Inclusion, Equity & Trust” empowers young people to engage in constructive narratives, strengthen intercultural dialogue, inclusion, gender equality and create mutual understanding and trust in the Western Balkans. In collaboration, UN agencies and relevant partners from the public sector, media, civil society, academia and culture, financially supported by the UN Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund, are working together with young people to increase understanding and respect for diversity in the region.

Other supporters were: Ujë Rugove, Vitaminka/2U Health, Sporting Kosova, Buka Bakery.