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As people who are in love with Kosovo’s mountains, its nature, and its people, we were eager to meet our participants and head toward the thrilling outdoors, deep into Sharr.


We meticulously planned the two-day event, carefully coordinating aspects such as food arrangements, camping logistics, the presentation, and the subsequent day’s hike. The joy of planning was heightened when we realized that the participants, young individuals from Gjakova, Dragash, and Decan, were so enthusiastic that they struggled to sleep. This project will forever hold a special place in our hearts because of that.

Passing through Gjakova, we found the bus ready with happy, smiling faces. After picking up more participants in Dragash, we headed to our base and gracious hosts in N’Bjeshke in Zapluze.




The interactive presentation on the profession of mountain guiding started with introductions and anecdotes about our lives immersed in mountains, sports, and  interactions. We conveyed the continuous exploration of new trails, products, and meeting new people while sharing our traditions and culture. The participants engaged actively, asking questions, and we structured the presentation to be proactive. The tour we planned to present was the one scheduled for the next day, establishing the basics and explaining how we create tours. We also provided insights into the role of a mountain guide, ensuring participants could actively participate in the upcoming tour.

Following our presentation, Kaltrina, the manager of N’Bjeshke, shared her story and explained her choice to live and work in the mountains. She emphasized the potential of mountain tourism and extended an invitation for anyone interested in experiencing the hospitality and tourism industry.


The following morning, we faced the pleasant challenge of waking participants from their serene sleep in nature. After breakfast, the next adventure awaited – a hike to Skarpa peak. Ensuring everyone was ready and well-packed, we commenced the hike with guides leading and trailing, offering explanations and breaks. New guides were selected from our group to organize the walking pace, halt, and share insights about the mountains, as well as the history and culture of Kosovo.


Gradually, we ascended to the peak, maintaining our unity as a group. The day unfolded in spectacular fashion, with breathtaking views that justified our collective effort. At the summit, we captured a group photo, providing insights into the surrounding mountains and countries. Descending happily, we arrived at N’Bjeshke for lunch, where our transportation awaited. Farewells were exchanged with numerous hugs and smiles as our participants headed home, fatigued but content, brimming with positive energy and newfound skills.

We lingered for a while, reflecting on the incredible experiences shared with our participants, before returning home to organize our equipment and indulge in some well-deserved rest. Naturally, the following day found us once again immersed in the beauty of our mountains, as this is where our true passion lies.



This project was implemented by Utalaya Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Youth of Kosovo.

Our Trainers: Uta Ibrahimi, Metodi Chilimanov, Driada Matoshi, Kaltrina Salihu and Photography Dardan Krasniqi.