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Following the remarkable success of the Run for Sharr project and the overwhelming enthusiasm from the public during the documentary screening, our organization has taken the initiative to embark on a screening tour of this impactful project across schools in Kosovo. This endeavor is aimed at ensuring that the documentary’s powerful message resonates with the younger generations, who are the stewards inheriting our planet and its precious resources.

We were delighted to present the thought-provoking documentary, “Run for Sharr,” alongside students from grades 5-9 at Qamil Batalli Elementary School. The session sparked engaging discussions on the climate emergency, the imminent threats to our forests, endangered species, and the individual actions each of us can take to safeguard nature and stand resolute against its degradation.

The children exhibited immense curiosity and enthusiasm in addressing the crucial topic at hand, underscoring the evident need for similar activities in Kosovar schools. Notably, they were well-acquainted with the persona of Uta Ibrahimi, and intriguingly, there were no inquiries left unanswered about the Himalayas.

The documentary was also shown in Prizren at the “Abdyl Frashëri” school in front of a selected group of fifth grade students, all very passionate about nature and sports.

This group was very interested in Butterfly Outdoor’s future strategy for projects aimed at nature protection as well as participation in mountain sports. They expressed their willingness to voluntarily participate in environmental protection activities. They proposed to organize activities for cleaning the surrounding areas as well as planting trees and flowers. But Butterfly has many surprises for the following months where children and teenagers will be engaged, obviously some of the schools that we have announced in our tour this week, in activities that benefit both the children and the community.

Experiencing an instant outcome, the enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by both students and the director in translating words into action bring us immense joy.

The project’s primary objective is to actively engage the upcoming generations in environmental issues and foster a sense of responsibility toward nature and its preservation. Simultaneously, it strives to heighten community consciousness about the environment and its resources while inspiring children to become proactive citizens and champions of nature. Furthermore, the project seeks to promote participation in outdoor sports, encouraging a holistic connection between individuals and the natural world.