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Utalaya Foundation, during one of the weekends of March 2023, organized training on the latest Digital Marketing techniques, under the leadership of professional lecturers, where tourism actors from the areas of Deqan and Junik were the beneficiaries of this training.

The extensive training was meticulously developed in six comprehensive modules and spanned two days, enabling participants to gain knowledge about the latest marketing trends and innovative strategies to reach a wider audience with maximum ease and speed.

This was a good and very welcome opportunity for the beneficiaries to broaden their marketing horizons and deepen their understanding of dynamic digital trends.

Kosovo has great tourism potential, and we, together with all tourism actors, are very confident that Kosovo will be even more present on the tourist maps.

For a country like Kosovo, with high tourist potential, the knowledge gained in this training represents a competitive advantage. Using Digital Marketing strategies and knowledge, tourism businesses can deepen connections with their audiences, increase awareness and become a more visible presence on the international tourism scene.

This training represents a concrete step towards using the full tourist potential of Kosovo and helps to build a strong and attractive image for potential visitors. This event has shown that the cooperation undertaken between local and international organizations in the field of digital marketing has a great impact on the development of tourism and on improving the perception of the destination by the international public.

“NaturKosovo – the natural and cultural capital of Kosovo and sustainable tourist development of Via Dinarica” is financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Pristina. It is implemented by a consortium of Italian and Kosovar organizations consisting of the NGOs Volontari nel Mondo RTM and CELIM Milano, with the technical support of the UTALAYA Foundation, the Italian Alpine Club, the Italian National Alpine Rescue and Speleology Corps and the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism.