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UTALAYA Foundation in the framework of the project “NaturKosovo – the natural and cultural capital in Kosovo and the sustainable tourist development of the Via Dinarica” is seeking application for participants in the WINTER TRAINING for mountaineering guides on easy trails in winter conditions


The “NaturKosovo – the natural and cultural capital in Kosovo and the sustainable tourist development of the Via Dinarica” initiative is meant to contribute to the sustainable touristic development in Kosovo. It enhances the cultural, historical, and natural resources of the country, generating sustainable development and creating job opportunities for local communities, supporting the local institutions in the governance of tourism and in the promotion of the Kosovar part of Via Dinarica.

Aiming to contribute to a sustainable tourism development in Kosovo, NaturKosovo intends to increase the value of cultural, historical and natural resources, generate sustainable development and create jobs for local communities, through the support of local tourism institutions and promotion of the Kosovo part of Via Dinarica.

NaturKosovo (AID12382) is funded by AICS, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Pristina. It is implemented by a consortium of Italian and Kosovar organizations comprising the NGOs Volontari nel Mondo RTM and CELIM, with the technical support of UTALAYA Foundation, the Italian Alpine Club, the Italian National Alpine Rescue and Speleological Corps, and the Italian Association for Responsible Tourism.

WINTER TRAINING for mountaineering guides on easy trails in winter conditions

This training program, designated Winter Training for mountaineering guides on easy trails in winter conditions is designed to transition three-season hikers into Winter Mountaineers, capable of planning and executing their own day-trips on mountains in full winter conditions.

The curriculum encompasses theoretical and practical training in duration of 30 hours of comprehensive instruction covering following main modules:

  1. Mountaineering techniques (winter): personal and technical equipment, ice axe, crampon, and self-arrest techniques in a controlled setting, bivouac skills, winter anchoring, move confidently and safely on snow and ice, maintain the most appropriate walking pace; combine walking techniques for ice and snow; use appropriate safety methods in exposed terrain, rope security lines, etc.
  2. Safety: orientation and navigation with compass and map, GPS devices, mobile phone applications, evaluate at any time position with respect to the destination (, snow profiling, avalanche awareness, first aid, mountain dangers, and rescue procedures. The clothing selection, layering, and moisture management methods for staying safe and comfortable in extremes of cold, wind, and precipitation.
  3. Risk management techniques: manage clients and groups (group control, efficient pace management, effective communication; evaluate the terrain and identify simple and safe passages; use different ascending and descending techniques depending on the capabilities of the group.

After completion the Training, candidates will receive Attendance certificates and UIAA Personal Skills Certificates from the project. 

Call for applications for participating on WINTER TRAINING for mountaineering guides on easy trails in winter conditions, will be opened until January 19th, 2023

WINTER TRAINING for mountaineering guides on easy trails in winter conditions shall consist of the following schedule:

  1. Introduction session – February 4th, 2024, in Germia.
  2. Three-day theoretical and practical training – 29th February – 2nd March 2024, in Drelaj Rugove
  3. One-day practical placement Tour at the end of the Training, March 3rd in Drelaj Rugove. Additionaly knowledge exam for the candidates will be performed. 


Theoretical and practical training 

The training program for aspiring Mountaineers on easy trails in winter conditions offers a diverse set of lectures and practical exercises, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for mountaineering in winter conditions. 

Participants will engage with topics such as movement and guiding techniques, personal and technical equipment, bivouac and camping skills, ice ax and crampon usage, winter anchoring techniques, setting up winter camps, orientation with compass and map, GPS device application, snow profiling, rope security lines, avalanche awareness, first aid, and the intricacies of mountain dangers and rescue operations. The program culminates in a final tour, providing participants with a practical application of the skills acquired throughout the training. 

This multifaceted approach equips candidates with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate effectively in winter mountain environments.

Organization of the training:

The Training will be provided by the experienced Instructors from the Mountaineering Federation of North Macedonia (FPSM), whose Summer and Winter Mountain Guides Trainings were accredited by UIAA – International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation. They have considerable experience in organizing summer and winter Guides Trainings for candidates from North Macedonia, and summer Guides Trainings for Kosovo and Montenegro.

Technical support will be organized by ‘Utalaya Foundation’.

Climbing and Mountaineering for the period 2019 – 2025. 

In coordination with the Kosovo Mountaineering and Alpinist Federation, Kosovar trainers will be involved in the training cours.

The participation in the training course does not require the payment of a fee, being all the costs of the course covered by the “NaturKosovo” project.

Who can apply?

General conditions

  • At least 18 years old.
  • At least IV-degree education (completed high school);
  • Documented five-year mountaineering activity.
  • Ability to move independently in mountains.
  • Candidates’ willingness to advance their knowledge toward guiding people in future. 

Required documents for application are (on English):

  • Application
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Overview of the mountaineering experience in the last 5 years with emphasis on their winter activities in the mountains
  • Statement of health status with signature and stamp from an appropriate medical institution

Language requirements: fluent English language knowledge

How to apply?

You can submit your application by e-mail to  between 10 – 19 January 2024, with the subject APPLICATION FOR WINTER TRAINING for mountaineering guides on easy trails in winter conditions

Applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered. Questions may be sent by e-mail no later than 5 days before the deadline for the submission of applications to the address

Below you have all documents needed:


Application for training

Medical Confirmation

Overview – mountaineering activities – 5 years