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“NaturKosovo” is a dedicated initiative that aims to implement a partial and responsible strategy for the development of the ViaDinarica segment in Kosovo.

This project places its emphasis on the various challenges starting from territorial optimization, institutional strengthening and the implementation of the necessary systems to make functional all aspects of this tourist destination. Through extended training with local and international cooperation, the projects implemented for the promotion of mountain tourism form a stable and efficient structure.

This initiative aims to build a common tourist circuit, sharing experiences and creating a functional model that will serve as an example of economic development and environmental awareness at a regional and European level. “NaturKosovo” treats the Via Dinarica as a rich natural and cultural-environmental treasure, bringing numerous values to the country and deepening awareness of the unbeatable potential of this unique destination on the global tourism scene.

This project is an initiative worth 1.8 million euros, financed by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Pristina. It is being implemented by the Italian NGOs RTM and CELIM, in partnership with Utalaya Foundation, which is the only local partner, CAI – the Italian Alpine Club, CNSAS – the National Alpine Rescue Corps and from the cave, AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism ) and in cooperation with the Federation of Equestrian and Sports Climbing of Kosovo.

Natur Kosovo, in addition to its goal of expanding natural-cultural routes, represents an important step towards strengthening mountain tourism in the Via Dinarica segment in Kosovo. Through relief analysis and trail mapping, this project becomes a vital guide for tourists and outdoor sports enthusiasts who wish to explore the country’s natural and cultural beauties.

The “NaturKosovo” project has a deep structural content, addressing the key challenges in the development of mountain tourism through the creation of a territorial information system and intensive field training. These measures are part of a long-term strategy aimed at improving the trail infrastructure and promoting the destination in an attractive way for tourists.

Contracting local entities for the creation and maintenance of trails not only has the potential to bring economic development to these areas, but also contributes to the protection of Kosovo’s rich cultural heritage and environment. Investing in these activities not only stimulates the growth of mountain tourism but also deepens environmental awareness and the promotion of the country’s special attractions.

Projects include terrain analysis and trail mapping, the creation of a territorial information system, specific field training, and e-learning courses, and ensuring a coordinated and targeted effort to improve infrastructure and the tourist experience.

This initiative aims not only to increase the length of the existing Via Dinarica trails in Kosovo but also to create about 36 km of new trails and improve another 20 km. Through these actions, the project aims to reveal and strengthen the diverse potential of this rich natural and cultural-environmental destination. In addition, for institutional strengthening, activities are structured to increase the capacities of Kosovo’s mountain first aid troops and provide technical assistance to local municipalities in territorial planning and tourism-environmental promotion.

Through international collaborations and specific training, this project aims to improve emergency response and strengthen local structures in the community. The inclusion of the “Via Dinarica – Kosovo” brand in existing tourist circles and the organization of promotional campaigns contribute to awareness and sensitization of the potential of this destination at the regional and European level.

You can find all the activities carried out so far from this project in the “Latest” section on the website of the Utalaya Foundation.