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The aftermath of Uta’s missions in the Himalayas came with some difficulties, and the way back home was a crucial period of processing everything and reflecting upon it. In addition to Uta’s limited availability for family and friends, the overwhelming amount of questions, and messages showing interest and admiration for her achievements made it seem impossible for Uta to stay proactive. Even though it was an incredible experience and one of the factors that changed her life, getting in touch with each person turned into a time-consuming effort, considering Uta’s strict schedule of training and project deadlines.

This challenging circumstance led to the inspirational project “Memories of the Himalayas.” After scrutinizing her options, Uta decided to create an extensive open exhibition that featured her adventures in the Himalayas along with an amazing collection of photos, tools, and equipment used to climb Mount Everest. During the exhibition, everybody had the chance to ask Uta anything, learn in detail about mountaineering, and connect with her on a personal level.